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Double Infinity
The Brass Ring Double Infinity or Time2 logo represents the continuum of life and our individual role in the world as our actions have a global impact. The symbols merge a sense of hope in ourselves and humanity with the beauty life offers us when we are dedicated to reaching higher positive goals.

Paramount Enlightenment
With ‘Paramount Enlightenment’, our chestnut mare, we see a determination to accomplish great things as the rider gallantly succeeds in reaching for the brass ring on the Brass Ring carousel.
Paramount Enlightenment, also nicknamed Gigi, competes professionally jumping the meter 30 & 40 races in Palm Beach, The Hampton Classic and other prestigious equestrian competitions.
To achieve excellence there are basic attributes that must exist: determination, dedication and connection to a power greater than ourselves.

The Key
The Brass Ring ‘Key’ represents the ability to unlock the great potential that exists within us all.

The Castle
The Brass Ring ‘Castle’ and architectural features symbolize the corridors or choices we face in life in order to unlock our future.

Our Vision
We believe hard work, a positive attitude and perseverance can unlock the doors that will ultimately lead to the life we aspire to enjoy.

Circular themes remind us that we are all connected. The Brass Ring Group and the symbols we use merge a sense of hope in humanity with the beauty life offers all of us when we are determined and dedicated to reach higher to achieve positive goals.

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