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The Brass Ring Group creates original and unique luxury products to inspire and bring joy to our customers as well as to support artists and international aid organizations. We believe in giving back.

We understand that all trade should serve a positive purpose while causing no harm. Every stage in the production process adheres to strict environmental and labor practices by supporting local artisans and communities.

A percentage of every Brass Ring sale is donated to charity.


Paige is a native of Rhode Island where Paige’s ancestors helped found the state with Roger Williams. At the age of eleven Paige was accepted to the School of American Ballet in NYC and prospered there until she grew too tall to enter the company.

Paige often says, “take a negative and turn it into a positive” and that is what she did when she switched gears from ballet to modeling. Working alongside icons such as Linda Evangelista, Paige found herself doing photo shoots and commercials for Armani, Chanel, Revlon and Valentino.

Paige’s Brass Ring Dinnerware Collection was inspired by her years of travel and her background in the arts, dance & fashion.